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Literary Arts Audition Requirements, Grades 3 - 7

For students in grades 3-7 at time of audition:

  1. Portfolio: Students will submit two or three prepared pieces from any genre, including visual storytelling, as long as text or a written narrative accompanies the images.
  2. On-Demand: Students will be given three images/pictures to choose from to write an on-demand writing piece.
  3. Qualifying Score on Iowa Reading or Profile of Creative Abilities (PCA) Test: As a gifted and talented program, all students in the SCAPA Literary Arts program must be identified as gifted in EITHER Language Arts or Creativity. A qualifying score is met by scoring in the 9th stanine on either the Iowa Reading Test, or on the Profile of Creative Abilities (PCA) test. Once a student is identified as gifted in one of these areas, the student must then pass the portfolio and on-demand portion. Parents can refer your student for testing at their current FCPS school. The typical testing window occurs in November, but can be scheduled at a later date.
  4. Digital Submissions: All prepared and on-demand portions of the auditions will be submitted using a digital platform. Your school arts teacher or gifted and talented resource teacher will help with submission. **
  5. SCAPA Bluegrass: Students wishing to be considered for a placement at SCAPA Bluegrass must complete the district’s Special Programs Application on SchoolMint. There are no additional audition requirements beyond what is listed above. 
    1. Recommendations: Applicants may also include, as additional evidence for GT identification, one or more positive recommendations from an arts teacher/professional who knows you as an artist. Reference contacts will be submitted and sent through SchoolMint.
    2. For other specific questions about SCAPA Bluegrass, please consult the SCAPA Bluegrass Audition Website or contact Carla Pleasant, SCAPA Bluegrass facilitator.

**Non-FCPS students will attend a session on a weekday to complete the on-demand activities and either the IOWA Reading or Profile of Creative Abilities (PCA) Test.  Students who already have qualifying scores on either test will need to submit the results of the test in writing prior to the on-demand date.

Literary Forms Reference List 




A narrative meant to be told aloud to an audience. Typically, these narratives are 8-10 minutes long or 1,000-1,200 words.

Spoken Word

Also known as slam poetry, these poems are meant to be read aloud. Typically, these poems are 3 minutes in length. Word count varies.


Poetic pieces of any length, form, or structure. 

Flash Fiction

Prose pieces that are typically 250 to 1000 words long.

Short Story

Prose pieces that are typically 2000-3000 words long.


Prose pieces that are typically 50,000-100,000 words long. Students may excerpt any part of these pieces for their portfolios.


Dramatic scripts for a stage play that can be a 10 minute play, one act, or longer. Students may excerpt any part of these pieces for their portfolio.

Graphic Novel

A novel in “comic” form, using the conventions of visual and literary arts to tell a story. Students may excerpt any part of these pieces for their portfolio.


(podcast, short film, TV pilot, full-length film)

Pieces meant to be recorded that require a script. Typically these are of varying lengths. Students may excerpt any part of their scripts for their portfolio.


(critical, personal, lyric)

Pieces of nonfiction prose that engage in exploratory, informative or argumentative modes of writing. Typically these are 1,000-3,000 words but may be longer.


There are no expectations for these pieces. Students may excerpt longer pieces for their portfolio.