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Literary Arts Audition Rubric (Grades 3 - 7)



4 Points Each


3 Points Each

Above Average

2 Points Each


1 Point Each

Creativity and



☐ The writer manifests exceptional imaginative skills, original

☐ Stream of significant ideas unusual for development level (Fluency)

☐ Shifts categories often and with ease, flexible and creative (Flexibility)

☐  Vivid imagery, complex details, unusual for developmental level (Elaboration)

☐ Distinct approach, sophisticated ideas, completely original & unique (Originality)

☐ The writer manifests above-grade-level imaginative skills and original

☐ Many ideas, either significant or meaningful (Fluency)

☐Includes many details that add depth and complexity (Flexibility)

☐  Includes many details that add depth and complexity (Elaboration)

☐ Unexpected approach, original ideas, more creativity (Originality)

☐ The writer manifests developing imaginative skills and original thinking.

☐  Several ideas, but not significant ones(Fluency)

☐ Two or three categories (Flexibility)

☐ Several details, but lack depth  (Elaboration)

☐  Some evidence of originality and/or creativity.(Originality)

☐ The writer is occasionally original

☐  Developing significant ideas (Fluency)

☐ Developing categories  (Flexibility)

☐  Developing details and depth (Elaboration)

☐  Developing in originality and creativity. (Originality)


☐ Creates a vivid, precise, and engaging writer’s voice and tone

☐ Creates a consistent and engaging writer’s voice and tone

☐ The writer creates a somewhat consistent and engaging writer’s voice and tone

☐ The writer creates an age- or grade-appropriate voice






☐ The writer’s choices demonstrate an intimate awareness of their audience and the impact of their choices on the reader’s understanding and emotions

☐ The writer's choices demonstrate an understanding of their audience and attempt to manipulate or control the reader’s understanding or emotions

☐ The writer’s choices somewhat acknowledge audience awareness, focused more on the writer’s own understanding and emotions

☐ The writer’s choices are beginning to consider an audience outside the task or prompt



☐ The writer’s intention is clear and illuminating

☐ The writer maintains clear focus

☐ Organization is logically structured and enhances meaning

☐ The writer’s intention is reasonably clear

☐ The writer maintains clear focus for much of the piece

☐ Organization is structured logically

☐ The writer’s intention is somewhat clear

☐ The writer has acceptable focus

☐ Organization is simple and effective

☐ The writer’s intention is occasionally clear

☐ The writer is developing focus

☐ The writer is developing organization


Word Choice

☐ The writer masterfully employs literary techniques that extend throughout the piece, vividly capture the reader's imagination, and bring the story/ topic to life

☐ The writer skillfully employs literary techniques to capture the reader's imagination and bring the story/ topic to life

☐ The writer attempts to choose the best words over the first words that come to mind; few literary techniques are present.

☐ The writer uses repetitive, vague, and/or unimaginative words that do little to bring the piece to life


FINAL TOTAL: _____________/44