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Piano Audition Requirements, Grades 3 - 7

For students in grades 3-7 at time of audition:

  1. Performance: Each student will be asked to perform two pieces: one choice piece and one required piece. Sheet music and reference recording are provided.
    1. Required Piece - Choose one (1) from the list below:
      1. Current Grades 3-4
        1. By the Millpond (By the Millpond mp3 Recording)
        2. Cavalier (Cavalier mp3 Recording)
        3. Etude (Etude mp3 Recording)
      2. Current Grades 5-7
        1. Air (Air mp3 Recording)
        2. By the Seaside (By the Seaside mp3 Recording)
        3. March (March mp3 Recording)
    1. Student Choice Piece - Perform one piece of your choice.
      1. Students should choose music that reflects their technical and interpretive abilities.
      2. Music can be from any style or genre.
      3. Memorization is highly recommended but not required.
  2. Video Submissions: All prepared portions of the auditions will be submitted on video. Your school arts teacher or gifted and talented resource teacher will help with submission.  Video recordings must be recorded from the side of the piano and from an angle high enough to show the student’s hands on the keys. A demonstration video will be provided.
  3. SCAPA Bluegrass: Students wishing to be considered for a placement at SCAPA Bluegrass must complete the district’s Special Programs Application on SchoolMint. There are no additional audition requirements beyond what is listed above. 
    1. Recommendations: Applicants may also include, as additional evidence for GT identification, one or more positive recommendations from an arts teacher/professional who knows you as an artist. Reference contacts will be submitted and sent through SchoolMint.
    2. For other specific questions about SCAPA Bluegrass, please consult the SCAPA Bluegrass Audition Website or contact Carla Pleasant, SCAPA Bluegrass facilitator.

**Non-FCPS students will attend a recording session on a weekday to record the on-demand activities.