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Vocal Music Audition Rubric (Grades 3-7)




4 Points Each


3 Points Each

Above Average

2 Points Each


1 Point Each

Tone Quality/ Technique

(Breath, placement, etc.)

Tone is warm, resonant, focused, consistent, vibrant, and full

Consistent between head and chest voice

Breath management is effective and consistent

Moments of warm, focused, and full tone

Mostly consistent between head and chest voice

Breath management is appropriate

Tone has little resonance and clarity

Inconsistencies between head and chest voice

Student breathes at inappropriate times

Tone is average, breathy, forced, or unclear

Head and chest voice navigation detracts from performance

Average breath support, breath management


Rhythmic Accuracy

(Accuracy of pitches and rhythms)

Printed pitches are performed accurately with great intonation

Notes and rests are held for the correct value

Exceptional flow with steady tempo and musicality

A few inaccurate pitches and a few minor intonation problems

A few minor rhythmic errors

 ☐ Steady tempo from beginning to end

Several inaccurate pitches and inconsistent intonation

Several rhythmic errors

 ☐ Tempo recovers from occasional unsteadiness

Inaccurate pitches throughout, out of tune throughout

Inaccurate rhythms throughout

 ☐ Tempo does not recover from mistakes


(English or foreign language)

Diction is clear and enhances breath flow

Student demonstrates mastery of the text

Diction is often clear and precise

 ☐ Overall mastery of text

Text is often mispronounced

 ☐ Lack of clarity/accuracy takes away from the performance

Diction is unclear and inaccurate

 ☐ Average understanding of text of music.


(Phrasing, expressive elements, nuance, dynamics, & tempo)

Phrasing emphasizes the contour of melodic line in context of the whole piece

Dynamic nuances are performed with finesse and artistic contrast

Phrasing emphasizes the contour of melodic line

Dynamic nuances are performed musically

Phrasing is inconsistent with the melodic contour

Dynamics performed without care for musical context

Piece is performed stagnantly

  ☐ Dynamic contrast is average



(Memorization, stage presence, expression, artistry, fluency, talent, potential)

Musical selection is memorized

 ☐ Student expresses themselves through the music selected

Student shows great enthusiasm and potential

Student has exceptional posture and poise in performance

Musical selection memorized with few errors

Student occasionally expresses themselves through music

Student shows great enthusiasm

 ☐ Student has quality posture and poise in performance

Significant memory slips

 ☐ Minimal expressive qualities

 ☐ Student does not express enthusiasm

Posture and poise issues detract from the performance

Student is unprepared

 ☐ Average expressive qualities

 ☐ Student is disengaged

 ☐ Posture is incorrect








FINAL TOTAL: __________/56