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SCAPA Notches #27 in Junior State Speech Tournament

SCAPA Notches #27 in Junior State Speech Tournament

SCAPA at Bluegrass has claimed the title in the Kentucky High School Speech League’s junior division state speech tournament for a 27th straight year! SCAPA also received the Sustained Excellence Award, which goes to teams for outstanding performances over time. Their team total now resets to zero, and they will start earning points toward this trophy again next year.

2024 State Results

Broadcast Announcing: 2. (tie) Niva Patel; 4. (tied) Lucy Shepherd

Declamation: 1. Angie Chen; 4. Lucy Shepherd

Dramatic Interpretation: 1. Eden Potterton; 4. (tie) Caitlyn Douglas

Duo Acting: 1. Caitlyn Douglas & Jonathan Owens; 4. (tie) Simeon Beeken & Clara Raybould

Extemporaneous Speaking: 2. Neya Sathya; 3. Wells Moore

Humorous Interpretation: 3. Clara Raybould; 4. (tie) Leah Gillispie; 5. Cat Bravo

Impromptu: 1. Wells Moore; 4. (tie) Simeon Beeken

Improvisational Duo: 1. Patton Barlow-Fiero & Ella Harris; 3. Henry Walter & Carys Moore; 4. Noor Badin & Jessina Duan

Original Oratory: 2. Neya Sathya; 3. Caitlyn Douglas; 4. Wells Moore

Poetry: 2. Eden Potterton; 3. Angie Chen

Prose: 1. Niva Patel; 3. Ella Harris; 4. Alyssa Marino

Storytelling: 2. Clara Raybould; 3. Katelyn Windhorn; 4. Cat Bravo

The University of Kentucky hosted the 2024 statewide competition Feb. 23-24. 

Source: Kentucky High School Speech League